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Printing mobile 2.0

Not just the Internet usage is growing, but also it is expected that most of the world population will be connected and comunicate with the aid of some mobile device. Future publishing can take this trend as an opportunity, developing contents that could take advantage of these technologies.
For the moment, screen dimensions difficult the visualization of large contents of data like we have in newspapers, magazines or the Yellow Pages ads. Few mobile devices support now Flash and the replication of some web contents are not visible. However, there are a number of companies like Goss RSVP(1), Upcode(2), Scanbuy(3) and Snaptell(4) that allow mobile users to connect what they see in a print page to a mobile browser.
As the trend on mobile devices is going in the direction of using full HTML and support technologies like Flash and video, publishers can take the opportunity to better intersect their print pages to the "online" environment.
The print page is still a tactile and emotional experience and with the possibility to link a print product to the electronic media is one more step to achieve this new Print 2.0 generation.
UpCode is a technology (5) "based on square barcodes that conceal al sorts of electronic information and e-commerce applications".

An upcode print in an advert can be photographed by a mobile device and this information can be sent and linked to Internet applications that can generate back to the mobile device information that can be either in text format, video, images, etc.
For the publishers and marketeers this has great advantages. Behind the print code, the electronic information is dynamic and can be adjusted and reformulated according to the evolution of a particular campaign. What can be received back to the mobile device is just a creative case. It can be a newspaper new, a magazine article, an image or video of an advert, can also be a ticket, a voucher, a discount coupon or a service support for industrial apllication. "The customer photographs a code printed in a manual and receives instructions, for solving the problem by SMS" (6).
According to Upcode site, "the cost efficient solutions cover a wide range of applications: Logistics, asset management, anti-counterfeit, money transactions, ID-card security, eLearning, eGovernment, tourism, CRM marketing, crossmedia solutions and entertainment. UpCode is easy and fast to integrate into already existing marketing systems and contents. UpCode is also working on a larger concept: Cognitive Information & Technology (CIT), where knowledge in cognitive brain functions (conscious and unconscious) is part of optimization and efficiency of the solution (typically needed in i.e. neuromarketing and one-to-one marketing)" (7).


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