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Yellow Pages Distribution

Generally speaking there is a believe that most people does not use the Yellow Pages printed books and otherwise prefer to use some sort of electronic information search. However a marketing research conducted by LinkDirect (1) and mentioned by Peter Rand that "only one every 1.000 UK consumers has opted out of home delivery of printed directories" (2).
Rand cited the "results of a delivery conducted in Gloucestershire in 2008, after an opt-out campaign undertaken in the area by an environmental group" (2) showed that only 0,24% has opted for not receiving the directory.
The study also demonstrates that of these 0,24% opt outs, 18% were older people and 17% younger people, more or less the same percentage, which is against our previous ideas that only older people wants the printed books and youngers only use Internet. Middle age people with high income rates 14% of opting out for receiving the printed book, gives an indication that age is not really a diferentiator for the opt out controversy and profiles of these people that does not want to receive the printed copy, are similar.
In adition, Rand mentioned a "separate study undertaken by LinkDirect which considered 100,000 complaints made over the last six years. Over 70 per cent of those complaints related to not receiving a directory, with complainants drawn from a wide demographic spectrum" (2).
“The research shows that there is a clear gap between perception and reality in relation to the opt-out movement. While an active campaign prompts a very small response in favour of opt-out, over 70,000 have proactively submitted a complaint about not receiving a directory in the past six years" (2).
“What the opt-out movement is doing is helping to allow for deliveries to more targeted audiences. Publishers should turn this into a unique selling point – by being proactive with opt-outs, they can with some justification tell advertisers that they are only reaching the people that actually want a copy delivered.”


(2) http://salespromo.co.uk/article/854

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