domingo, 1 de março de 2009

Print 2.0 and Mobile Marketing

In adition to the usage of barcodes to link print copies to a mobile browser, the mobile marketing can also use other applications to complement and create value to the traditional print media. As it is mentioned in the Seybold Report (1) some "specialty" sites like Bebo Europe and Videojug, "the first a social networking site, the second an online video site", both gave the opportunity to newspapers to add value to their print editions and "attract users from their traditional constituency".
Print media should incorporate in their electronic versions, ways to interact with users. Generation Y (ages between 14 and 32) are heavy users of socialnetworking and tools like online video, blogging, microblogging and spaces.
With these "new ways of reaching the audiences" (2) some measuring indicators are important to be established, namely
Interaction with users
Engagement of users with the content,enabling them o visit frequently
Amplification of content by passing the information to oher users and recommend this social exchange.
This technology can revitalise print media, enabling this traditional media to take advantage of new technologies.

(1) Seybold Report, January 20, 2009, pg 12
(2) Idem, page 13

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