sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2009

Strategies of Sucess

A report from the Kelsey Group, mentions the following case of success:

Profiles of Success - Local News Goes Multiplatform in Las Vegas, by Rob Curley, President and Executive Editor, Greenspun Media and Chris Jennewein, Senior VP and Publisher, Greenspun Media.

The Opportunity
In Las Vegas, Greenspun Media owns a local newspaper, radio station, cable news outlet, local alternative weekly, weekly newspapers and several tourism-related publications. The objective was to determine how to drive synergy across these key properties and position Greenspun for the future.
The Solution
The solution was to develop an "online first" approach, with all new online staff and new Web sites.
"What attracted us to Greenspun was that we could change the rules," said Greenspun Publisher Chris Jennewein. Since Greenspun's Las Vegas Sun was the No. 2 newspaper in town, "we had no core print business to support and defend."
Moreover, Greenspun's TV properties can support video distribution over the air, on cable and via the Internet, so delivery is platform-agnostic.
At this point, Greenspun Interactive has hired 45 journalists, videographers and software developers, as well as a 20-person business staff.
The Outcome
The result is that Greenspun has been recognized for breathing new life into its media properties, like the Las Vegas Sun. A recent NPR blog post said of the Sun, "In just four years, it appears to have reinvented itself from a trailing paper in a two-daily town into a multi-media power."

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