domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009

The Swedish Forest Industries EU Manifesto

The Swedish EU Presidency, together with the Swedish Forest Industries Association, is challenging EU members to be more effective in the sustainability of their forestry resources. The Swedish Forest Industries released a Manifesto, with actions and recommendations for good economic, social and environmental development.
Stop Global deforestation and growth plantation rates in EU will have a significant positive impact on climate change.
Increased Growth in Forestry
Protecting Biological Diversity
Free Trade
The Role of Managed Forests. An increase in forest growth will retain carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
The Role of Wood Products, as a renewable building material
Global Deforestation, a cause of a fifth of human emissions
Global Emissions Trading, harmonizing principles in other regions outside Europe
The Forest Industry is Vital for the Production of Bioenergy
First Goods, Then Bioenergy
Promote Better Competition in the Electricity Market
Retain site-Specific Environmental Demands and Emission Limit Values
By all Means frameworks at European Level, but Swedish Rules must be Drawn up in Sweden
Longer Lorries Must be Permitted Throughout the EU
Harmonize the Railway Network in Europe
National Solutions for Measures to reduce Emissions from Freight Transportation
Public Financiers of R&D should Increase Their Cooperation with and the Support for the Forest based sector Technology Platform (FTP)
Forestry´s R&D Requirements should be Given a High Priority

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