quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2009

Is print dead?

In a recent dicussion, Mark Ellis, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at DMI, Inc, posted the following comment:

"Print is absolutely not dead. I've been on the sales side of the industry for more than 25 years. There’s been talk of “paperless society” all the way back to when I first got my start at a print for pay division of Xerox (the old Xerox Reproduction Centers AKA XRC) in the early 80's.The role and value of the printed document will only continue to be enhanced with the advent of new communication technologies such as Web 2.0. This is especially true in the area of direct marketing, direct mail, and in particular cross media variable data, or 1:1 marketing where variable data printing is incorporated. The economy has already slammed the print industry, and there will undoubtedly be another shake out which will probably be much worse then the post 9/11 recession. I’ve been with my company for 18 years and we are fortunate to have grown to the largest 100% all digital print production operation in the Northeast U.S. The bad News: Our static data digital print business is down just like everyone else’s is. The good news: OUR VARIABLE DATA PRINTING AND 1:1 MARKETING BUSINESS IS GROWING !!!! The recession is actually helping our variable data printing and 1:1 marketing business. Why? Beacuse smart forward thinking direct marketers realize they have to get more results with slashed budgets. They all know direct marketing and direct mail works. They’re contacting us and finally looking at our results more than ever. The days of spray and pray direct mail campaigns with obscene postage costs and dismal response rates is finally changing. CMO’s aren’t getting rave reviews and bonuses for failing 98% or 99% of the time doing the same as always carpet bombing direct mail campaigns. Not when their competitors are getting two to five times the response rates and huge increases in ROI when they target much smaller audiences with highly relevant 1:1 messaging that variable data printing allows. And when they incorporate cross media marketing technologies such as PURLS and variable data email together with variable data print the response rates increase even more dramatically than when using variable data print alone. So no, print isn’t dead, it’s just rapidly evolving to take advantage of the growing technologies we have now, and those to come. I’m just glad we dumped all our ink on paper presses a decade ago when we saw the writing on the wall".

For some people, it continues to make sense that print media will still continue and it is in line with the study conducted by Frank Romano,

see http://generationwiki.blogspot.com/2009/01/printing-20.html

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